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November 22nd 2018

Here’s a deep look inside the rabbit holes of our upcoming video game Overlook Trail. Overlook Trail has grown a lot since the last entry here. We’ve explored a number of different styles and environments, some of which we’d like to share in this video – techniques used are water colour, pixel art and PETSCII.


August 15th 2018

We’ve made so much progress the last few months and I’m eager to share our work, it is almost time to post some gameplay videos. Here’s a glimpse of Kleinschrift, a painting within a painting. Visually it is based on PETSCII. This image is deceptively simple but there’s so much more to it. It is a deep and rich environment and I look forward to present it in greater detail. Emil Bengtsson has really pushed Unity3d to the limit, especially in terms of geometric scale. I feel that we’re exploring something new and unique.

First look at Kleinschrift


Tall John

July 15th 2018

Monthly pictures. I’ve been working on a lighthouse painting called Tall John, loosely based on an actual lighthouse in southern Öland. The other day as I was painting textures for Tall John I received a letter. I was surprised to find an image of the very same lighthouse on the stamp of that letter, what are the odds? It felt very encouraging. Ala Daynova is now helping us document our work with photography (using the previously mentioned Nikkormat camera).

June bug

June 15th 2018

Monthly development in pictures. I have begun work on several new areas: June bug, Kleinschrift, Tall John, Bauer and Mortorp. Visually they’re very different from each other, but they’re all part of the same scene. Niklas Ström has begun work on some incredible soundscapes for this and I’m starting to feel very excited about exploring these worlds.

Geometric delineation

May 18th 2018

I’ve gone on a research trip to the Swedish countryside in preparation for a new part of Overlook Trail. Its a part about generations, heritage and seclusion. Recently I got an old Nikkormat camera (this model is from 1968 I believe) to document my work and it captures the feeling I’m looking for perfectly, I love it. I’ve also been exploring old maps from this same area and I was amazed to discover that Swedish authority Lantmäteriet hosts historical maps online, dating back several hundred years. An incredible treasure.

Map of Mortorp (a small village in the southeast of Sweden) from 1726, provided by Lantmäteriet.

These same thoughts

April 15th, 2018

I barely attended the Game Developers Conference this year. Instead, I used my time in and around San Francisco to look for inspiration. I went to dusty old bars and museums, I even went to a psychic – which was strangely enjoyable and fun. Of all the places I visited one stood out – the Winchester Mystery House. An odd place with an incredible story behind it, and in many ways a perfect analogy for what I am trying to create with Overlook Trail.

I found these Shakespeare quotes on a pair of stained glass windows at the Winchester mansion. It is a curious pair and no one seems to know what they meant to the owner. I have looked at the source material and it doesn’t make sense to me, but I enjoy thinking about it. Photography wasn’t permitted, so I drew this picture based on the original.

Hello, Overlook Trail

March 15th, 2018

We’re now two months into development and the project is materializing in a wonderfully dreamlike way. Overlook Trail will be a blend of many different themes and I’m a little surprised how well they all fit together. I have edited some footage into this short teaser video. In it you can see a glimpse of three distinct worlds that will be available in the game. Niklas Ström composed a haunting soundtrack for the video.

By the time of release there will be about 6 different worlds, the number isn’t set in stone at this time. My plan is to continue to add more content over the months following the intial launch and if the project is successful I hope to continue to do so for a long time. Emil Bengtsson has done a terrific job with Unity for Overlook Trail so far, the organicly paintlike planet showcased in the video turned out better than I could’ve imagined, it is a magical place to explore and I will post more about it soon.

I have also set up a page on Steam, please put the game on your wish list and tell your friends!

My wandering mind

February 15th, 2018

I’ve had this idea for years. I never believed in it enough to try to make it, but it was always there. When my mind wandered I often ended up thinking about the same things, a mix of long remembered dreams and recurring fantasies. I thought how exciting it would be to simulate them, to build them from memory and see what else would come to mind as they materialized.

Every time I thought about how to make this project, the technical challenges felt discouraging. I anticipated they would distract too much from the creative work and that I’d make too many compromises. Having given up before even trying, the idea remained a fantasy for a long time. Then late last year, for some strange reason, I felt compelled to seriously consider this project. I realized I couldn’t make it happen without technical assistance so I contacted my friend Emil Bengtsson, awkwardly explaining what I wanted to do. He agreed to do some work for me and today we’re exactly one month into development of the project I recently named Overlook trail.

My intention is to create as much material as I can without the use of a computer and then to digitize it using various techniques. I’m looking for a raw, natural look and working with my hands have stimulated my imagination in such great ways. So far we’ve experimented with 3D scanning, photogrammetry and 360 photography. The results have been absolutely terrific and I will try to post regularly about our progress.

Overlook trail is going to be a collection of short experiences for computers, consoles, and also physical installations in various locations. I plan for an early release, hopefully this year, and will continuously add material to the project over time. I look forward to share more with you, and please let me know what you think.