Geometric delineation

May 18th 2018

I’ve gone on a research trip to the Swedish countryside in preparation for a new part of Overlook Trail. Its a part about generations, heritage and seclusion. Recently I got an old Nikkormat camera (this model is from 1968 I believe) to document my work and it captures the feeling I’m looking for perfectly, I love it. I’ve also been exploring old maps from this same area and I was amazed to discover that Swedish authority Lantm√§teriet hosts historical maps online, dating back several hundred years. An incredible treasure.

Map of Mortorp (a small village in the southeast of Sweden) from 1726, provided by Lantmäteriet.

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Indie game designer & artist, co founder of @MediocreGames (PinOut, Does not Commute, Smash Hit, Beyondium, Granny Smith, Sprinkle). Making Overlook Trail.