Hello, Overlook Trail

March 15th, 2018

We’re now two months into development and the project is materializing in a wonderfully dreamlike way. Overlook Trail will be a blend of many different themes and I’m a little surprised how well they all fit together. I have edited some footage into this short teaser video. In it you can see a glimpse of three distinct worlds that will be available in the game. Niklas Ström composed a haunting soundtrack for the video.

By the time of release there will be about 6 different worlds, the number isn’t set in stone at this time. My plan is to continue to add more content over the months following the intial launch and if the project is successful I hope to continue to do so for a long time. Emil Bengtsson has done a terrific job with Unity for Overlook Trail so far, the organicly paintlike planet showcased in the video turned out better than I could’ve imagined, it is a magical place to explore and I will post more about it soon.

I have also set up a page on Steam, please put the game on your wish list and tell your friends!

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Indie game designer & artist, co founder of @MediocreGames (PinOut, Does not Commute, Smash Hit, Beyondium, Granny Smith, Sprinkle). Making Overlook Trail.